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It's Brown-Eyed Girl and Tulsa Time at a Tuesday night open mic, it's the smell of a frat house and cymbals ringing in my ears, it's my old motorhome at a Waffle House the next morning somewhere in Mississippi. It's the music row legends kind enough to pass along some tricks. It's hometown support and God’s grace, making a living thinking about 17 everyday. Its 6x9s and Juicy J, Old Rugged Cross and Alabama. It's my southern accent over a synth...and my sound somewhere between Nashville and Memphis. It's getting the chance to live every line on my record. It's every win and mistake along the way that I love. I wouldn't change a thing about the country music road that led me here. It takes many special people to make today possible and I know I'm blessed to be where I'm at. We're just getting started. My two pack #Speakers is out today. Hope y'all enjoy! God bless #sbp #letit Link in bio



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